Black Ops Winch Replacement Parts

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  • SuperATV 3500, 4500, & 5000 lb. winches


Available Kits
  • Hook and stopper kit
  • Extended length wiring kit (style B only)
  • Remote and solenoid kit (style A only)
  • Rocker switch kit
  • Wiring kit (4500 or 5000 lb.)
  • Y splitter (style B only)
  • Remote and receiver kit (style B only)
  • Solenoid (style B only)
  • OEM Fairlead—4.8" (123 mm)
  • Narrow Fairlead—4.3" (109 mm)—for our 3500 lb winches
  • Wide Fairlead—6.0" (152.4 mm)—for our 4500 & 5000 lb winches


Replacement Parts for Black Ops Winches 
Don’t give up on your winch just because something wears out. These Black Ops Winch Replacement Parts are designed to get your SuperATV Winch back to 100%. From replacement clevises to solenoids, we’ve got what you need.  

Rocker Switch Kit 
The replacement rocker switch kit includes the in/out rocker switch and the hardware needed to mount its cable in place. This switch can be used simultaneously with your wireless remote. 

Style A Solenoid, Remote, and Receiver Kit 
Our handy remote and receiver kit for style A winches come with a winch remote and water resistant solenoid/remote receiver.  The remote receiver and solenoid are packed into one water-tight control box for use in harsh conditions. The easy-to-use winch remote keeps you safe and features an auto shut-off to extend battery life. 

Style B Solenoid 
At the heart of your winch’s wiring harness is the solenoid. This part includes the solenoid, mounting bolts, and the control cable. This connects directly to the battery, winch, and key-on power, and your control source. 

Style B Remote and Receiver Kit 
Our handy remote and receiver kit for style B winches come with the control box, antenna and cable to attach it to the Y-splitter along with the wireless remote itself. Winching is easier and safer when you’re a safe distance away with a clear view of what’s going on. 

Hook and Stopper Kit 
With our Clevis kit, you get a zinc-plated, heavy-duty steel clevis hook and a puck stop. The puck uses a two-piece, interlocking design to fasten to your rope and the clevis secures with a steel pin. 

Y Splitter 
The replacement Y splitter is for style B winches only and allows you to connect and use the wireless remote and the wired rocker switch interchangeably. If one or both of your winch control options starts acting up, it might be that you just need to replace the splitter. 

Aluminum Hawse Fairlead 
Our fairleads are designed to fit 3500, 4500, or 5000 lb Black Ops Winches. The aluminum hawse construction allows nylon ropes to run smoothly over its surface without fraying or damaging the rope. Our 3500 lb winches use narrow fairleads. Our 4500 and 5000 lb winches use wide fairleads. 

Type B Wiring Kit 
Our wiring kits are designed to replace your standard Black Ops wiring kit for normal 2- or 3-seater applications. These kits each come with power and ground wires to connect your winch to your solenoid and your solenoid to your battery. 

Extended Length Wiring Kit 
Style A Black Ops Winches come with an extended length wiring kit right out of the box. It's suitable for people running 4-seaters, Crew cabs, and MAX models as well as shorter 2 or 3-seaters. It's also for people who install a winch on their rear bumper and need a little extra reach. It includes power and ground wires to connect both your battery and your winch to your solenoid.  

Wiring Specifications: 
4500 and 5000 lb. wiring kit length: 6 feet battery to solenoid; 6 feet winch to solenoid 
Extended length wiring kit length: 12 feet battery to solenoid; 6 feet winch to solenoid