BKT AT 171 33-9-20 BIG WHEEL KIT

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You will be purchasing 4) 33-9-20 BKT AT-171 Tires mounted on your choice of rims.  All big wheel kits come mounted and include center caps and lug nuts. 

AT 171 is suitable for on-and-off-the-road applications with ATV vehicles. The special directional and extra-deep tread design provides excellent traction on wet and muddy surfaces. AT 171 comes up with optimum self-cleaning properties along with extraordinary cut and chip resistance. The strong casing ensures extra durability and a long service life.  

Pattern Name  AT 171 
Version               STANDARD 
Type                    TL 
Tire Size AT 33 X 9 - 20
LI/SS   85 A8 / 61 F
PR  6
Dimensions  (U/M US Standard) 
Section Width (mm) 205
Overall Diameter (mm) 838
Static Loaded Radius (mm) 287
Rolling Circumference (mm) 2616
Rim Rec W 7 
Rim Alt W 6